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Fifth-grade class freaks out when teacher proposes to another teacher in class

A screaming fifth-grade class at an Ohio elementary school got a lovely surprise when their science teacher proposed to their math teacher on Valentine’s Day.

Students had been questioning Jason Seifert, 39, about rumors of him possibly being in a relationship with Ally Barker, 28.

Seifert decided it was the right moment to address the rumors in front of the entire class and confessed his love for her.

The teacher had to stop several instances because each time something was said about their relationship, the students would loudly break out in screams, giggles and nonstop chatter, prompting the teacher to try to quiet them down for minutes.

The students were so excited and hyper that they barely let the guy have his romantic moment. It was probably from all of the Valentine’s Day candy.

“The answer is yes, we are dating,” Seifert said to the kids in the video. “And, we are a little bit more than dating because I am completely in love with her. I was wondering if Ms. Barker would like to become Mrs. Seifert.”

According to ABC, the two teachers met at Harry Russell Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio while working together and were best friends before entering a relationship.

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