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What you need to do in the garden this month

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Last week, we talked to you about best pruning practices.

This week, we’re turning our attention to other outdoor to-dos. If you want a lush, lovely and fertile garden this year, there are two important jobs to take on in February.

The first is fertilizing your citrus trees – and all your plants – this weekend. Valentine’s Day is the date we use to trigger fertilization. The day conveniently marks when the chance of frost has probably passed in Arizona.

We recommend using granular fertilizers for a slow release. Follow directions on the package for your size tree and water the compound into the ground. If rain is forecast — like it is this weekend — try to fertilize first so that the showers will activate the fertilizer you put down.

In February, there’s still time to prevent heavy weeds from taking over your yard by applying pre-emergent chemicals to open areas on the landscape. Keep repeating the process into March and April, when weeds can really start sprouting.

A lot of garden experts are forecasting a very weedy spring because of the rains we had in January. By the way, pre-emergent will not harm existing plants in your yard. It only stops weed seeds from germinating.

If you’re opposed to using chemicals in the yard, you may want to spend a half an hour a week on removing any tiny weed sprouts you see coming up. You can use a forked asparagus knife or a garden hoe.

Try pouring boiling water on weeds that sprout between cracks in concrete or spaces between pavers.

Or spray weeds with white vinegar on a sunny day. When the sun heats the vinegar, it will kill weeds and their seeds, but vinegar can kill the plants you love, so be careful.

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