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Valley mom embraces fitness lifestyle, works out with kids

Andrea Allen (Instagram photo)

GILBERT, Ariz. — Andrea Allen, a 32-year-old fitness trainer from Gilbert, had to believe that her lifestyle would be undergoing some major changes when she was pregnant with twins.

As it turns out, all it took was a planned routine and Allen was still able to get her daily workouts and exercises in. In fact, her 3-year-old twins will jump in from time to time.

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Allen told that the twins believe exercise is just what moms do in the morning and they even have an exercise song to do moves together.

Evan after having another daughter, Allen has still maintained her lifestyle of staying in shape and it has caught the attention of many with over 120,000 followers on Instagram.

Allen will post words of advice along with her recommended workout.

Legs- 4 weeks post babe! With the Arizona heat backing off a bit we are doing alittle more outside. The girls can play and jump and I can get some exercise in.Being a new mom is exhausting and hard on every one. Some days you want to do nothing but sleep and keep your baby alive 😂 but I encourage you to move even if it’s for 15 min. Your body will thank you. If you have a fussy Baby that needs more attention I suggest the @shopbelugababy carrier. I can get so much more done because she is happy snuggling and my hands are free to deal with the girls, work, clean(jk that doesn’t happen😜) workout and more! And I posted Camrys (aka Cranberrys) 4 week photo on my personal page @dre234 if you wanna see it . Leggings from @onzie ! 20 reps repeat 4 sets Wide squats Lunge knees Curtsy knees Wall Bulgarian split squats

A video posted by Andrea (@deliciouslyfitnhealthy) on

She shares her stories of having to improvise, such as the time she was mid-workout when the baby woke up and had to be fed, so she got a leg workout in as the baby ate and the twins did puzzles.

“It’s easy to get down and discouraged and beat yourself up,” Allen told “But in every situation, look for the small victories.”

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