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Judge has fun with woman issued a questionable ticket

People who break laws often get punished, and no one really complains about it except for the person who got caught.

For example, if someone is pulled over and issued a citation for driving 15 miles an hour over the speed limit, the person getting the ticket won’t get much sympathy if they ever decide to vent about it. But what if the person was going three miles an hour over the speed limit? Most would think that’s a little extreme, right?

Well a similar situation happened to one woman, and she decided to go court over the citation she was issued.

She earned herself a ticket for parking where no parking is allowed before 10 a.m. The ticket was issued at 9:59 and 58 seconds. Similar to driving over the speed limit by a couple miles per hour, technically it wasn’t wrong for her to get a ticket, but was it really deserving?

A judge had some fun with it, and even goes on a funny rant before understanding the silliness and dismissing the case.

So if you try to park wherever there are times posted, it might be safer to wait a couple minutes before shutting the engine off.

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