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Christie Brinkley, 63, to be oldest woman ever in ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue


PHOENIX — Model Christie Brinkley has already made plenty of history in the annual “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Issue, but she’s set to add another feather to her bikini top in 2017.

The magazine announced Tuesday that Brinkley, 63, would appear in the next swimsuit issue, scheduled to be released early next week. She will appear alongside her two daughters — ages 18 and 31.

She will officially be the oldest model to ever appear in the issue. The next-oldest woman to appear was Nicola Griffin, who was 56 when she posed for last year’s issue.

Brinkley told People that her first thought when asked to pose in the magazine again was “no way” but she warmed to the idea when she got to pose with her daughters.

“When I turned 30, I was like, ‘This is the last time I’m posing in a bathing suit!’ When this issue comes out, I’ll be 63. I thought, ‘Those days are over.’ But to get to do it with my girls, I thought, ‘One last go!’”

Brinkley said modeling with her daughters was a “full-circle moment” because they were going through the same emotional rollercoaster she did when she first appeared in the swimsuit issues.

One of Brinkley’s daughters, Alexa Ray, said the shoot was kind of like a reality show.

“We all have our own style,” she told “Sports Illustrated.” “And Sailor (Brinkley Cook) is kind of the young new little, perfect little, sporty little model. My mom is almost, I tease her, that she’s ADD in terms of how much energy she has. She literally can’t stop moving.

“I’m still new at this and I was just trying to maintain my focus.”

Brinkley was one of the swimsuit issue’s longest-running models. She appeared in the issue between 1975 and 2004 and appeared three consecutive times on the cover between 1979 and 1981 — a record.

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