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Arizona mails out corrected tax forms to 580,000 taxpayers

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

PHOENIX — More than a half-million Arizona taxpayers will soon receive corrected tax documents to replace those sent earlier this year with incorrect information.

“The department completed printing of the corrected 1099-G forms last week, and the corrected forms are now in the mail on their way to impacted taxpayers,” Arizona Department of Revenue spokesperson Ed Greenberg said.

“They will be receiving a correct form which has the word — in bold red — ‘CORRECTED’ located in the upper right side of the form.”

About 580,000 taxpayers who received an Arizona tax refund last year were affected by the mistake. The incorrect forms contained information from 2014 instead of 2015.

Greenberg said the wrong information was sent because of a “data file transfer error.”

“As a result, a series of process safeguards have been implemented to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future,” he said, adding that the department fixed the mistake as soon as it was discovered.

Greenberg said the fix cost about $19,000. The department will pay the bill.

He suggested taxpayers destroy the forms with the wrong information.

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