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Here’s the full version of the Mexican immigration-themed Super Bowl ad

The Monday after the Super Bowl typically sees two types of conversations — one about the big game and another about the commercials.

While a lot can be said about this year’s game — a record-setting comeback win by the New England Patriots in overtime for the first time in the game’s history is a big deal — a lot of Monday’s online chatter was focused on a particular ad that aired during the second quarter.

The ad from 84 Lumber, a building materials and supply store, showed a mother and daughter attempting to cross the desert into the United States from Mexico.

However, the ad cut off after just 90 seconds and told viewers they would have to go online to see the rest.

The spot was so popular that 84 Lumber’s website crashed during the game. The company also uploaded the ad to YouTube, where it had received more than 3 million views by Monday morning.

According to Business Insider, the original version of the ad showed a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, an obvious reference to the one proposed by President Donald Trump.

It was turned down after Fox deemed it too controversial for broadcast, leading the company to make two versions — the one that aired during the game did not have the wall, the one online did — of the spot.

Rob Schapiro, one of the primary people behind the ad, told Business Insider the company wanted to send a “patriotic” message.

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