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Arizona brewery gets political with ‘alternative facts’ beer

(Facebook Photo)

PHOENIX — An Arizona brewery is having its say on the nation’s political climate, specifically the concept of alternative facts, by releasing a new beer.

In a Facebook post, Flagstaff-based Historic Brewing Company announced it will release its Alternative Facts — a double India pale ale — on Feb. 10.

The term “alternative facts” entered into the political lexicon days into Donald Trump’s presidency and quickly took the internet by storm as people made jokes about the idea.

He and the media had public disagreements on the number of people who attended his January inauguration and his allegations that millions of people voted illegally in the November election that put him in the White House.

Historic’s new beer label seemingly pokes fun at Trump’s speaking style.

“This is gonna be a great beer. It’s absolutely fantastic,” the label reads. “This double IPA is gonna be the greatest beer we’ve ever brewed. Nobody brews a beer like we do — tremendous. It’s gonna be huge.”

Historic is not the first brand to try and incorporate the “alternative facts” trend into its branding. Dove recently launched an advertising campaign in the United Kingdom that presents untrue facts about its products.

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