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GoDaddy releases Super Bowl commercial days before big game

PHOENIX — Some companies are keeping their Super Bowl commercials a secret until the big game, but Arizona-based GoDaddy has released its ad for the world to see.

A teaser for the spot was released last week, but it didn’t show much: Just some cats zipping around a house on Roombas. That’s not to say it wasn’t adorable, it just left us all a little more confused.

But with Wednesday’s release, we now grasp the full idea of the commercial. Basically, GoDaddy has created a character that portrays the internet and everything it loves.

GoDaddy used to be one of the most notorious companies in terms of Super Bowl ads. Its commercials used to feature scantily-clad women and encouraged people to head online to see the rest of the spot, but the company has shifted away from that strategy in recent years.

After the change, the company angled for a more humorous, less sex slant and the new commercial seems to capture that. it features the internet character doing the ice bucket challenge, singing Rick Astley’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” and has plenty of references to other things beloved in the online world.

It’s unknown how much Scottsdale-based GoDaddy spent on the spot, but some estimates put the cost for ads in Sunday’s game at $5 million.

GoDaddy isn’t alone in releasing its Super Bowl commercial early. Several companies have done so, including Budweiser.

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