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Let’s be real when we talk about President Donald Trump’s border wall

(AP Photo/Christian Torres)

OK, people, it’s time to stop complaining about the great wall of President Donald Trump!

First, I want to poke some holes in the anti-wall propaganda that we’ve been hearing and then — I promise — I will wrap up with the two best reasons for all those against the wall to fall in line and support its immediate construction.

The first bit of propaganda that we’ve been hearing is that Mexico is one of our biggest trade partners.

That is a fact. Mexico is one of our biggest trade partners.

But let’s talk like grownups here: Do you honestly think that Mexico will stop trading with United States and turn off that revenue stream? That would be like them cutting off their arm to save their hand. It won’t happen.

Next up is the ideas that the cost of goods from Mexico will increase if the wall is paid for by a 20 percent import tax.

That’s probably true. The cost of some goods will increase.

But aren’t the anti-wall folks the same ones that are voting to increase minimum wages in state after state without concern about the cost of goods increasing? The entire wall crowd needs to find a new argument. Period.

Let’s address who is paying for the wall: Trump said the United States will front the cost and we will be reimbursed by Mexico.

Now, let’s say we pay for the wall at an estimated price tag of $20 billion and are not reimbursed by Mexico.

Do you realize that our annual defense budget is around $600 billion? Hundreds of millions of dollars a year go to managing golf courses around the world — don’t forget about the bowling alleys — and we don’t bat an eyelash.

Our very own Sen. Jeff Flake published a pork spending BOOK just a few weeks ago. Yet none of us were appalled. We just went about our lives.

The fact of the matter is $20 billion is nothing at all. As far as the estimated $700 million per year to maintain it, I refer you back to our annual defense budget. If the Department of Defense added $700 million to the $600 billion budget, once again, you wouldn’t even feel it.

Now, the big payoff. I promised you that I would end with the two best reasons for the anti-wall crowd to fall in line.

First, if for nothing else, it will end the debate already! Will a wall work? Will a wall not work? With a small $20 billion investment, the debate will finally be over!

And, finally, I can hear the Democrats rally cry for the 2020 elections already. They will have an opportunity to take the Republican party’s golden ghost, Ronald Reagan, and use it against them.

Can’t you hear their candidate now? “Mr. Trump, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!”

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