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Wal-Mart to launch car-sale program at select stores in Phoenix area

(AP File Photo)

PHOENIX — Wal-Mart supercenters will set up a car-buying program at certain stores in Phoenix in the spring through several partnerships.

CarSaver is partnering with AutoNation, Ally Financial and other dealerships to make this project happen starting April 1.

Automotive News said that customers would be able to select, finance and insure vehicles on a touchscreen and bilingual kiosks at the CarSaver Center set up in Wal-Mart stores.

The system installed will direct customers to a local, certified dealership within 15 miles of that particular store and schedule an appointment. New, used or certified preowned vehicles are also available to purchase via the website.

Those dealerships will pay the company a success fee upon making a sale. Dealers still get a retail margin for arranging an auto loan if a customers lend cars through other companies in the platform, according to Automotive News.

The terms in which dealerships must follow to partner with the program are agreeing to meet strict pricing requirements, consistently rank high in customer satisfaction, ensuring select dealership representatives are available to assist members and offering inventory levels that provide strong representation for their brand.

Phoenix is one of 15 other markets, including Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City, that will participate in the program.