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Arizona Chamber of Commerce opposes Mexican import tax

(AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

PHOENIX — The Arizona Chamber of Commerce says a Mexican import tax would be a very bad idea.

President Glenn Hamer says this would drive prices up on just about everything, including produce.

“Instead of a having a nine-cent – or an eight-cent – sales tax, we would have a 28 percent sales tax,” Hamer said.

Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner. The countries trade alcohol, vehicles and produce, among many other things. The annual trade is in the billions.

Hamer says a strong, healthy economy in Mexico benefits both countries – which, he says, is why he’s confused that President Donald Trump is pushing this tax.

“The president ran on a strong campaign to reduce the flows of people entering the country illegally,” he said. “A strong, vibrant Mexico is going to reduce those pressures.”

Trump said a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports will help pay for a border wall, one of his campaign promises. He said earlier this week U.S. taxpayers will pay for it, but Mexico will reimburse the country. Mexico says it will not do so.

Experts say the wall could cost up to $38 billion. The most conservative estimate is $12 billion.

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