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Jimmy Fallon, Mike Myers shake up classic dance battle on ‘Tonight Show’

If there’s someone you can always count on to give you a good time, it’s “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

The late-night comedian, best friend to Justin Timberlake and trusted confidante of former First Lady Michelle Obama took on Mike Myers in an international sketch for the ages.

Fallon dressed up as “U.S.A.,” while Myers took home the gold for Canada in a dance battle like you’ve never seen before — a dice dance battle, to be exact.

Yes, Fallon took the classic dance battle and put an epic spin on it by involving dice. The dice had obnoxiously absurd names on them, like “Windy Plastic Bag,” forcing Fallon and Myers to create the dances on the spot.

While the challenge was difficult, it was fun to see two of the most innovative comedians take a classic skit and shake it up for late night.

Who do you think won the dance battle? Tell us in the comments below.

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