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Netflix hit ‘House of Cards’ uses Trump inauguration to announce new season

FILE - In this file image provided by Netflix, Kevin Spacey appears in a scene from the Netflix original series, "House of Cards." (David Giesbrecht/Netflix via AP, File)

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, but that wasn’t the only big news to come out of Washington, D.C.

Or, at least, the Netflix version of the nation’s capital.

“House of Cards,” one of Netflix’s most popular shows, used the fervor surrounding Trump’s inauguration to announce its upcoming season on Twitter with the eerie caption “We make the terror.”

The 30-second trailer revealed nothing about season five, but it sure sets the tone.

The trailer shows an American flag flapping in the breeze, but it is hung upside down. Traditionally the symbol for distress, the inverted flag is also part of the show’s logo.

It also features the sound of a bunch of children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before the music crescendos. It then cuts to the show’s haunting theme.

“House of Cards” stars Kevin Spacey as a politician who will do anything to claw his way into the White House. He’s helped by his wife, played by Robin Wright, and a host of other characters. The show has been nominated for more than 170 awards and won 27 of them.

For fans out there, season five is scheduled to go live on May 30. For those looking to catch up, all of the past seasons are available on Netflix.

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