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Student hosts online Q&A after Oregon school shooting

Almost immediately after hearing about the shooting at his school, a student took the opportunity to begin an online question and answer session.

A teenage gunman opened fire Tuesday morning at Reynolds High School in Columbia River, Ore.
The student, Luis Diaz, took to Reddit to begin answering question for people curious to see what it was like within the school.

Diaz recalled the day’s events from the moment he got to school. He documented where he was through the course of the events and how he and his classmates felt.

“We thought it was a senior prank gone too far,” said Diaz.

The Q&A prompted both positive and negative reactions from readers, but Diaz admitted he was only reporting what he knew.

He shared his initial reactions, the process of waiting out the shooting and trying to gather enough information to piece together the situation.

Diaz did not reveal any names except for the teacher shot, Todd Rispler, and the confirmed death, Emilio Hoffman.