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Man killed by Phoenix police after running from traffic stop

(Facebook Photo)

PHOENIX — A Phoenix man was shot and killed Monday after he fled from a traffic stop and told officers he was going to shoot them, police said.

The Phoenix Police Department said officers stopped a car that left a suspected drug house near Dunlap and 35th avenues about 3:30 p.m.

The driver of the car was J.R. Williams. There were two passengers in the vehicle. One of them had an felony outstanding warrant and was arrested.

Williams and the other passenger were removed from the vehicle and officers spotted a shotgun lying under the seat.

As officers were placing handcuffs on Williams, he broke free and ran away. An officer caught Williams, who pushed the officer and told him that he was going to shoot him.

Another officer parked nearby saw the chase and ordered Williams to stop as he drew his service weapon. Williams turned at the officer while pointing a clenched fist at him. The officer believed Williams had a gun and opened fire.

A second officer, believing Williams just shot his partner, also opened fire.

The officers called an ambulance but Williams, 38, died at the scene.

No officers were injured.

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