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Ducey: Arizona will work with businesses while California continues with ‘nutty ideas’


PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey couldn’t resist taking a shot at California and its “nutty ideas” in his annual State of the State address on Monday.

During his portion of the speech on the state’s progress on attracting business, Ducey said companies are choosing Arizona because leaders are getting out of the way and allowing businesses to blossom.

“What we, in this room, have done is simply get out of the way, and let California move backwards with more nutty ideas,” he said. “A tax on tech companies. Their own version of cap and trade. Emissions standards for – here’s a new one — computer monitors.”

Ducey then alluded to Uber’s decision to move it’s self-driving car research operations to his state after a fallout with California officials.

“And who could forget harassing self-driving cars to drive themselves right out of California, onto the [Interstate] 10 and straight into Arizona,” he said.

Ducey has long been a proponent of self-driving car testing in his state. He signed an executive order in 2015 that encouraged companies to look into the vehicles in 2015.

Several companies — including Google — test self-driving cars in Arizona.


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