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Happy birthday, iPhone, you’re 10 years old

In this Jan. 9, 2007 file phtoo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up an Apple iPhone at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco. (AP File Photo)

Take a picture of the birthday cake and post it online — Apple’s iPhone has turned 10 years old.

It’s true! On Jan. 9, 2007, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs showed off the first in a long line of his company’s smartphones.

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,” Jobs told the enthusiastic crowd in San Francisco.

He also bragged the device was five years ahead of the competition.

People freaked out. The public snatched it up like kids in a roomful of candy when the phone went on sale a half-year later. And people keep buying, breathlessly awaiting each iteration.

Long lines of customers camped out overnight all over the world to be among the first in their country to get their hands on the latest model.

Not every innovation has been welcomed with open arms. Apple ditched the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, which was released last September, and there was plenty of grumbling.

Sales were down for the 10th-generation phone, and the company has cut back on orders as it turns focus on iPhone 8. Observers believe the device will launch in September.

In the meantime, let’s watch the little phone that could grow up:

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