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Say cheese! Barro’s Pizza ranked most popular pie chain in Arizona


PHOENIX — Pizza: It’s something we can all agree on. You can’t turn away a warm slice of delicious, gooey cheese pizza, no matter how hard you try.

Between chain stores like Domino’s and local legends such as Lou Malnati’s, Arizona has no shortage of pizza. But what is the most popular pizza joint in the state, you may wonder? Thanks to Business Insider, we finally have the answer.

The Arizona-based chain Barro’s Pizza was recently ranked the most popular pizza chain in the state, according to FourSquare check-ins.

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Out of all 50 states, Arizona was the only one to choose Barro’s as the most popular chain. There are currently 38 locations across the Valley.

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The most popular pizza chain in most states was Pizza Hut, followed by Little Caesars, Mellow Mushroom, Old Chicago, Pizza Ranch, Domino’s and California Pizza Kitchen.

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This isn’t the only pizza-related news to come to the Valley: The Chicago-based deep-dish pizza joint Giordano’s opened its first Arizona location shortly before the holidays.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go grab a slice!

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