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Country singer Brett Eldredge gets snake-in-toilet wake-up on New Year’s trip


You read that headline right.

Picture this: You’re at a scenic beach-side resort to celebrate the new year. You’re surrounded by close friends and close out a nice, long holiday by toasting with champagne and dreams of the coming year.

You ring in 2017 and everything is going right. That is, until you walk into the hotel bathroom and find a snake in the toilet.

And not just a snake. A big snake.

That was the reality for country singer Brett Eldredge, who found the reptile in his toilet and posted the entire ordeal on social media.

“Hey, buddy, what are you doing,” he asked the snake before asking his friends, “What are we gonna do?”

In the video, Eldredg seems a little dumbfounded at finding the snake. After laughing at the situation for a while, an unknown man steps in to remove the reptile and send it back to the outdoor world where it belongs.

The video cuts off, so here’s hoping that snake found its way back outside.

Also, we’ll be checking the toilet each and every time we’re near it from now on.