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Annual No Pants Light Rail Ride returning to Phoenix this weekend

PHOENIX — If you see a large number of pantless people hopping on the light rail Sunday in Phoenix, don’t worry. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

It’s just the return of the annual No Pants Light Rail Ride.

The tradition began in New York City in 2002, when a group called Improv Everywhere urged people to ride the city’s subway system dressed normally — save for a lack of pants — for a day. It was hugely popular and has spread to numerous other cities, including the Valley of the Buns Sun.

Sunday’s event starts at 1 p.m. Riders from the west side should board at 19th and Montebello avenues in Phoenix, while those coming from the east should board at the Sycamore and Main streets stop in Mesa.

Participants will meet up in downtown Phoenix at Angel’s Trumpet House, located near Second and Garfield streets. Some drink and food specials will be offered.

There is a catch for those looking to ride the light rail without pants, however: You must pretend that everything is completely normal.

Organizers encouraged everyone to do what they would normally do on the light rail — read, make a call, etc. If anyone asks why they are not wearing pants, have a simple explanation on hand, such as “Oh, I got hot.”

Participants were also cautioned to comply with police. It is not illegal to wear underwear in public — aside from thongs and g-strings — but organizers said private parts must be fully covered.

Check out photos below from last year’s No Pants Light Rail Ride.

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