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Teenager ‘dabs’ as Republican leader Paul Ryan swears in Congress

(Twitter/Jeremy Art)

Kids these days.

As Republican leader Paul Ryan took the time to swear in the members of the 115th Congress on Tuesday, one congressman’s son took the opportunity to “dab” on camera.

The moment happened shortly after Ryan swore in Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall, during a commemorative photo opportunity.

As the family gathered around the congressman for the photo, Ryan stopped short after he saw the young man raise his arm toward his face.

“You alright?” Ryan asks the kid. “Can you put your hand down? You’re gonna sneeze, is that it?”

CSPAN’s Jeremy Art tweeted out the light-hearted moment, which fell shortly after House Republicans attempted to gut an independent ethics office and before they voted to level fines for taking photos or videos while on the House floor.

The video has been viewed thousands of times since Tuesday morning.

The “dab” is a popular dance move that rose to prominence in 2015, thanks to major league athletes such as the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton.

Ryan later tweeted that, even though he saw “countless cute kids” on Tuesday, he still doesn’t “get what dabbing is.”

Marshall played along with the incident, later tweeting that his son was grounded.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the 115th Congress has in store for us.

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