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America loves to label: Black, white, urban, rural, foreign, domestic, anti-Trump, Trump supporter, “alt-right,” mainstream media, fake media, extremist, gay, straight, trans, racist, xenophobic, conspiracy theorist, homophobic, nationalist, deplorables, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative…

You get the point.

So how would I label myself? Well, you tell me.

I’m a cowboy boot-wearing white guy who hunts, fishes and drives a pickup truck off-road as much as I do on pavement. My wife is Hispanic, our three kids are both and if someone hurts them, one of us is going to the hospital and the other is going to jail.

I’ve worked my butt off my entire life for what I’ve got. I don’t mind pitching in my fair share to society or helping those less fortunate, but I do have a problem with someone — aka the government — reaching into my pocket and taking my money. The inefficiencies of government-run offices, such as the MVD, Post Office and VA, have convinced me the private sector can run things much better.

I respect law and order and that justice should be blind — all men (and women) are created equal. I also recognize that cops are humans and there’s a few bad apples, just like the rest of society. They should be treated as such. Nobody is above the law, even if you’re the one who created it or enforces it.

Freedom is America’s greatest right. I believe we all should have the freedom to live our life with who we want and however we want, as long as we aren’t violating someone else’s right to do the same — lLife, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe the U.S. Constitution is the law of this land and should be followed as it was written, not misinterpreted by activist judges from one side of the political spectrum or the other. The Constitution is still as relevant today as when it was signed in 1787.

I have no problem with immigrants legally coming to the United States but think it’s common sense that we should have control of who enters and who doesn’t. Each person entering this country should be thoroughly vetted to insure they are not intending to, or pose a risk to our citizens or our way of life.

I think comprehensive immigration reform should consist of securing the border, deporting illegal immigrants who have committed a felony and giving those who have abided by the law the opportunity to become permanent residents (without voting rights).

The bad element would be removed, we’d have control over who enters and everyone else will be able to come out of the shadows, work above the table, contribute into the system, abide by our laws, and become productive, proud members of society.

I believe America’s military should be used to protect our freedom not invade countries, overthrow their governments for economic or political advantage or to settle a score for an ally. We should spend our tax dollars here at home on important issues, such as education, infrastructure, taking care of our veterans, and any number of other worthwhile projects before we spend a penny aiding other countries around the world.

I believe power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, therefore I support term limits for Congress and any other elected government office. I think many of those who represent us in Washington, D.C. have been tainted by corruption and power.

Lobbying should be illegal. Accepting money, gifts and trips should be illegal. Senators and representatives should not be exempt from insider trading, where they are allowed to purchase or sell stock in a company that will be affected by their upcoming vote.

I believe in a government of the people, by the people and for the people. I believe our representatives have forgotten we are the boss and we tell them what to do. Instead, many have acted like they are in Washington to tell us what to do.

Most importantly, in simple terms, I teach my kids to do the right thing, treat people well, help out if you can and use common sense.

I’m doing this radio show because I’ve seen many in our country abandon these principles. I’ve watched a bitter divide develop in our country, egged on by those who profit personally or politically from the division. People fighting over our differences instead of focusing on our common interests.

I’ve watched as a large part of the media has transformed from the watchdogs of democracy to the pit bulls of propaganda. Count me as part of the 70 percent of Americans who do not trust the media.

I’m here to tell the whole story: The good. The bad. The truth.

My common sense tells me I’m not the only one who feels this way. Maybe we’ve all been silent a little too long.
Now that I think about it, I guess if you had to be throw me into a group, you could call me a member of the silent majority — but I have a big, huge microphone and a whole lot to say.

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