12 quick tips to have a fun, worry-free holiday party

Dec 8, 2016, 10:02 AM
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Everyone loves a holiday party. Here are 12 tips that will ensure that the host and hostess have a good time, too.

1. Keep a running list of all little jobs to do in advance and supplies you need to buy.

2. Provide a “coat” room if you don’t have a coat closet.

3. Cook as much food as you can in advance and don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring some of the dishes.

4. Double-check and clean all the dishes and silverware you’ll need for the party a day in advance. Start setting the tables.

5. Set out some trashcans and wastebaskets in plain sight.

6. Have several small tables loaded with snacks and simple hors d’oeuvres.

7. Use candles and flowers to increase the festive ambiance.

8. Have plenty of ice and drinks including non-alcoholic refreshments at places where guests can help themselves. Keep extra drinks in coolers filled with ice kept outside or in the garage.

9. This is Arizona, so if the weather’s still warm during the day, start the party early outdoors. Make sure you dust off and wash all the outdoor furniture in advance. And bring some of that cleaned-up furniture indoors for seating when you dine if you need it.

10. Light the indoor fireplace and the outdoor fireplace and the fire pit.

11. Provide games, videos and hopefully a separate place for kids to play. Set up a kids’ table as well. It can be a simple coffee table with pillows to sit on set around the edge.

12. Set up several dining areas for guests if you don’t have one big table where everyone is going to sit.

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12 quick tips to have a fun, worry-free holiday party