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She Said: Street Food Cinema combines movies, food trucks in local parks

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Launched in 2012 in Los Angeles, Street Food Cinema is a unique experience that brings together pop culture films, gourmet street food and even local bands.

Street Food Cinema has reinvented the traditional movie-going experience and turns it into an outdoor evening of fun. The minute I heard they were launching in Phoenix, I knew I had to go!

Food trucks and movies!? Those are two of my favorite things!

Their first Phoenix movie was held in April at Margaret T. Hance Park, where they screened “The Princess Bride.” I rallied a group of my friends together, tempting them with a list of the food trucks that were going to be there.

It was such a festive scene when we arrived — people laying out their blankets and chairs, food trucks lining the perimeter and an enjoyable band kicking off the evening. My friends and I set up base camp and took turns hitting up the different food trucks.

Burgers from Burgers Amore and Waffles from My Waffle Crush all made their way to our blanket. We chowed down, sharing bites of each other’s treasures, listened to the band and started chatting about the feature presentation when it was revealed one of my friends had never seen “The Princess Bride!”

We couldn’t believe it! How had she missed out on a vital ’80s childhood rite of passage?

Everyone started to quote their favorite lines “mawage,” “inconceivable” and “as you wish” (I could go on and on) but as the quotes continued, I realized I was getting really excited to see a movie I had already seen about a 20 times in my life.

When it was showtime, we grabbed our fuzzy blankets and cuddled up together. Collective laughter, sighs and even ooo’s filled the park. As the evening drew to an end, I commented on how I hadn’t had that much wholesome fun in a long time and I was already looking forward to the next one.

In related news, Street Food Cinema is back for another season and is continuing to add more Phoenix dates to the calendar.

I rallied my friends together again Saturday for the showing of “Mean Girls” at Steele Indian School Park. Once again, the evening was a blast as we devoured our grilled cheese from The Gorilla Cheese Truck, quesadillas from Queso Good Quesadilla and sugar-coated nuts.

We cozied up in front of that big screen and the collective laughter, comments and claps filled the park.

The next showing is one of my all-time favorites, “Edward Scissorhands,” on Saturday at Margaret T. Hance Park.

Don’t miss out! Grab a blanket and see why this special event makes audiences want to come back again and again.

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