Scientists exploring possible link between supermoon, earthquakes

Nov 16, 2016, 5:05 AM
(AP Photo/Benny Snyder)...
(AP Photo/Benny Snyder)
(AP Photo/Benny Snyder)

During the recent supermoon, many in the scientific community were reviewing events to explore a possible connection between lunar perigee and earthquakes.

It has been known for a long time that the tides of Earth are connected to the lunar cycle.

Without the moon, Earth would be a very different place in regards to the ebb and flow of water in the oceans.

The close proximity of the moon this past week — the closest it’s been in 68 years — also marked the arrival of two major earthquakes in the southern hemisphere: one in New Zealand and the other in Argentina.

Additional earthquakes were felt in the Philippines, the Dominican Republic and in Chile.

These massive quakes, a magnitude 7.8 in New Zealand and a 6.2 quake in Argentina, caused many to wonder about a perigee moon connection.

The moon does indeed have a stress component that increases tidal forces on the Earth’s crust.

In the classic sense, the added forces can cause a tipping effect on fault lines that may already be at the point of rupture.

A new study conducted by scientists at the University of Tokyo, took on the case of the perigee moon — the proper name of the supermoon — and higher incidences of earthquakes.

While this study is not totally conclusive, it gives us hope that we can learn about the connection between the moon and Earth in more ways than tides!

Many also believe there may be a connection between the moon and our own personal emotions and daily lives!

Remember, the human body is 75 percent water. It is possible for the moon to effect the “tides” in our own bodies?

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Scientists exploring possible link between supermoon, earthquakes