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Arizona Democrats making final vote push

(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)

PHOENIX — For those trying to get a hold of anybody at the Arizona Democrats office Tuesday, good luck, as everyone there is sure to be having one of their busiest days in a while.

Enrique Gutierrez is the party’s communications director, and he said party volunteers are trying to get the word out about voting, with a big priority being mail-in ballots.

“It’s just a matter of contacting those who we know haven’t turned in their ballots,” he said.

Another priority is getting people to the polls. Gutierrez says volunteers have been canvassing neighborhoods.

“We’ve knocked over, I’d say, 60,000 doors in just the last two days,” he said.

People can turn in their mail-in ballots at any polling place in their county, and they don’t even have to wait in line.

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