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5 of the scariest things found in drains

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Plumbing drains have all of the components necessary for a frightening storyline. They are dark, damp, confined and in most cases, they are designed to get rid of stuff that is dirty and nasty.

It stands to reason if most of what goes into our drains is disgusting and bad, then anything that comes out of them is likely to be vile and somewhat scary.

As confirmation of that fact, here are examples of some of the scary (and unusual) things that have come out of drains. Despite the occasional hair clog here and there, we should all be thankful to the experts who deal with these situations so we don’t have to.


There are actually many reports of snakes in toilets and drains. In one recent incident, two women in San Diego found a 5-foot boa constrictor in the toilet of the office where they worked. According to a Fox News report, when animal service officials arrived, the snake had exited the bowl and was coiled behind the toilet. In another incident reported in Israel, a man was sitting on a toilet when a snake bit his genitals. A report indicated the man sought hospital treatment, but fortunately, the snake was non-venomous.


Most people have heard urban legends about colonies of alligators living in New York sewers. While the tales are largely unfounded, alligators have turned up in drains in New York and many other places through the years. In 2010, the New York Post reported police captured an 18-inch alligator that crawled out of a storm drain. The story listed two other instances since 2001 where gators turned up unexpectedly in New York water sources.


In Nashville, Tennessee, a homeless man was rescued from an 18-inch storm drain where he claimed he’d been trapped for four days. A local news report said work crews had to break through concrete and steel rebar to extricate the man, who was bruised and scratched but had no serious injuries. In another incident in China, authorities rescued a newborn baby that got stuck in a drain when the mother gave birth on the toilet.


Anyone who has seen “The Godfather” knows toilets can be good places to hide weapons. In a recent, real-life example, a news station in Cleveland reported police found a gun hidden in the bathroom of a local high school. Police and school officials were trying to determine the weapon’s owner.

Body parts

A woman in Germany said she killed her husband, then chopped up his body and flushed the pieces down the toilet. According to a Reuters report in the Brisbane Times, children of the couple reported she made previous attempts to kill her husband. They told police the marriage was “steeped in hatred.” The woman fled the country before she could be arrested by German authorities.

Thankfully, most of us will never have to deal with an alligator or a psychotic clown coming out of a drain in our homes, but most of us will face the challenge of frightening hair clogs, flushed socks or disgusting grease blockages. When the time comes for you to confront your household drain demons, remember to call a brave and experienced local plumbing professional to help deal with the problems.

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