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Leap of faith: Man jumps off 129-foot building into water

If you’re looking for a video to make you curl up into a ball and never even try the drop from the curb to the street, this is the video for you.

Meet 8Booth, a masked man who jumps off ridiculously high ledges into water for some reason.

Mr. Booth enters the building, climbs a staircase all the way to the top, and in just over 30 seconds from stepping out onto the roof, jumps into the water from 129 feet up.

In fact, he spends only about eight seconds judging the jump on the edge of the building before making the leap. We highly recommend sound on this clip, because if the visual isn’t enough, hearing the sound of the air rushing by the camera getting dramatically louder in a hurry makes the video.

You can find more of 8Booth’s insane jumps here.

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