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Phoenix gets another perfect score on LGBTQ rights

(Corbin Carson/KTAR News)

Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson all received perfect scores on LGBTQ inclusion rights from the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index (MEI).

“There are no more excuses,” said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. “It’s time for all Arizona cities to protect their residents from being fired, refused service or denied housing because of who they are.”

The MEI rates cities on how inclusive their laws, policies and services are. This is the fourth year for Phoenix.

“Phoenix became the first city in Arizona to join this exclusive but growing group of cities with perfect scores when we passed our nondiscrimination ordinance in 2012,” Stanton said.

The report also called Phoenix an “all-star city.”

“That means we maintain a perfect score in a state that does not yet have a statewide antidiscrimination law that protects our LGBTQ community,” Stanton said.

In addition, Stanton said treating people equally under the law is helping to attract talented employees and entrepreneurs to grow the city’s economy.

“It’s no coincidence has added more than 30,000 base industry jobs since we passed our non-discrimination ordinance and that we’ve seen an 86% increase in tech job creation,” Stanton said.

Plus, starting in 2017, Stanton said they’re adding transgender-inclusive health benefits for City of Phoenix employees.

“Providing these services is good for the well-being of our employees,” Stanton said. “It makes the city a more sought after employer as we continually compete for top talent.”

Arizona, however, still has work to do.

“Thank God same-sex couples now can get married in the state of Arizona,” Stanton said.

“But sadly you can still be fired in this state for being gay.”

Not in the City of Phoenix, he added, but in many other parts of the state.

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