PodRide looking to revolutionize e-bikes and transportation

Oct 16, 2016, 10:30 AM

A new form of transportation has gone viral on the web this week after making the front page of Reddit, amassing over five million views on YouTube.

The PodRide, called a fun and practical bicycle car by the creator Mikael Kjellman, is a new ride around town you could be seeing on the streets in the future.

The vehicle uses pedals hooked up to an engine and uses sticks and handles on the side of the seat for turning and breaking, giving riders comfort and control in a small ride.

In the video, Kjellman prioritizes many different features of the PodRide that make it different from riding a bicycle, such as the weather protection and comfort.

The PodRide has a small turning radius, making it practical for bikeways and smaller city environments.

The speeds the PodRide reaches are high enough to be a street legal e-bike in Sweden and many other countries, with room for baggage in the back and a bike trailer attachment if you are looking to carry more.

There’s headlights, a horn and even a hookup for a small heater to defrost windows in cold winters. Unfortunately, the vehicle appears to be designed for cooler climates and would get hot in a hurry in Arizona.

The model shown in the video is only a prototype, but Kjellman has used it to drive to work for over a year and is looking to make it a product by starting an indiegogo campaign that already has over 900 backers and $75,000 raised.

Information on how much the PodRide will cost and when it will be available is not out at this time. You can stay updated on PodRide by liking their Facebook page.

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PodRide looking to revolutionize e-bikes and transportation