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Report: Many homes in Phoenix area have sold for $1 million or more recently

(AP Photo)

Becoming a home owner can yield many good things. There’s the freedom to do what you want without worrying about being too noisy for people who would live under or above you in an apartment. There’s the extra space for the family for activities and materials. There’s also the fact that you control the quality of what’s around you.

Getting rid of a home in the Phoenix area recently has led to a million or more good things recently, however.

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, there has been a big increase of the sale of million dollar homes in the past few months, with about 40 homes getting sold for over $1 million in early October already.

“According to data from Trulia, there are more than 900 million-dollar homes on the market in Scottsdale, more than 200 in Phoenix and more than 350 in Paradise Valley,” the Phoenix Business Journal reported.

A Valley economist did just say that the Phoenix area had a good economic year, so this could be a trend for those things to continue.

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