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Trump, Clinton make wacky noises at each other in latest ‘Bad Lip Reading’

The fine folks over at Bad Lip Reading are back at it again, and this time, they tackled the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

If someone is repeating the same word, the first judgment call on how that affects a Bad Lip Reading video would be negative. As it turns out, they really are that good.

Trump’s tirade of, “wrong!” when Clinton made various accusations throughout the debate was enough material for the opening of the video, featuring the two nominees making wacky noises back and forth at each other.

While Trump repeated the same noise in that clip, Trump turning down Clinton’s jabs became Trump declaring his favorite way to eat chicken was raw.

What does one do with awkward eye contact that featured Trump appearing to reach for something on his podium? That’s the best way to make it look like Trump’s phone went off and he had to turn it off.

In typical Bad Lip Reading fashion, the video ends with host Lester Holt declaring he needs to finish his salad before he goes to the dentist and Clinton improvising a song.

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