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Arizona’s Secretary of State Michele Reagan joins the show to discuss the election

Arizona's Secretary of State Michele Reagan joins The Think Tank

As Secretary of State, Michele Reagan is Arizona’s second highest elected official. She is our guest in the Think Tank for the full hour this week.

We discuss:

  • What are the relative responsibilities of the county recorders, who really run Arizona’s elections, and the Secretary of State, who is the state’s Chief Election Officer?
  • What else does the Secretary of State do?
  • Does she really inquire daily into the health of the governor?  (If he is incapacitated or even leaves the state, she becomes acting governor, if he resigns, she becomes the governor).
  • Will she endorse Donald Trump?
  • Three recent Secretaries of State (Mofford, Hull and Brewer) became governor when the sitting governor became ineligible (due, respectively, to impeachment and conviction, criminal conviction and resignation). Interesting that all were women. Could Michele Reagan be the fourth?