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Some beer brewers in Arizona may begin to use treated sewage to save water

In a planned effort to help save millions of pints of water every year, some Arizona beer brewers are looking to use treated sewage water.

An entry in the Water Innovation Challenge describes the need for the plan and how it would be run.

According to Today’s News-Herald in Havasu, the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild said it is something they are currently considering.

“You hear ‘sewage water’ and ‘beer’ together and your first instinct is probably ‘Strange!'” said Arizona Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director Rob Fullmer in a news release. “But Pima Water provides an extremely sophisticated treatment process that makes the water the same quality as what comes out of your tap.”

If this sounds like a strange phenomenon, Arizona would actually not be the first state to use this plan. Oregon was the first state to use the process.

Pima County is working with the guild as they continue to decide on the proposition.

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