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Ballots from elections past: Check out the presidential voting history of Arizona, US

(AP Photo/Jim Mone, File)

PHOENIX — The race between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seems to grow closer by the day.

One second, Trump is all but assured victory. The next, it’s Clinton with a clear win.

While some polls certainly do a great job of tracking the current state of the election, sometimes it’s best to turn to the past to see how people could vote this year.

After all, most states rarely divert from their typical voting patterns, hence why some states are viewed as strongholds and others are battlegrounds.

The Associated Press put together this nifty graphic that takes a look at voting patterns by state, demographic and other factors since 1968.

Be sure to click through the whole graphic and check out the way people have voted historically.

Will this show how America will vote in just a few week’s time, or will the divisiveness of this election throw traditional voting patterns out the window? Only time will tell.

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