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Tucson spot Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizza makes top college-town pizza list

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If there’s one thing a college student needs to find when they arrive at their university, it’s a signature pizza spot.

Luckily, Thrillist released a list of the 21 best places to get a slice in college towns if you need to find one.

Tempe did not have a spot named for Arizona State University, but Tucson’s Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizza earned a nomination for the University of Arizona.

When it comes to college-town pizza, the New York style dominates (when it comes to college sports, not so much). Rocco’s, however, goes Chicago. And it does it three ways: buttery deep dish, big-a** thin crust, and stuffed — which jams all the toppings in between two layers. The latter’s the best option, especially in the form of the Great Chicago Fire (sausage, jalapeños, green peppers, onions, and sadly, no Tums), but regardless of what you get, don’t skimp on the Italian beef sliders. And while this is more sit-down than most of the other by-the-slice places on this list, it does offer takeaway slices of the enormous deep dish. One slice should more than satisfy. But maybe get two. Especially if mom’s buying.

Cosmo’s Pizza in Boulder, Co., and Silver in Berkeley, Calif., are locations in nearby states to also get a nod.

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