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Ducey: Less regulation, lower taxes will help small businesses thrive in Arizona

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey addresses the crowd at Techshop in Chandler, Arizona (Photo by Mike Sackley/KTAR News).

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Arizona’s governor hopes to do more in the upcoming legislative session to help small businesses succeed in Arizona.

Gov. Doug Ducey said less regulation is one way to help the state keep and attract small business. He spoke about that Tuesday afternoon at Techshop, a small business in Chandler. It hosted the Bring Small Businesses Back tour, which is making its way throughout the country.

Ducey said the state legislature has already enacted regulatory reform, and more regulations could be eliminated in the future.

“We’re going to look at any regulation that gets in the way of job creation,” Ducey said.

He said in addition to doing away with some regulations, he also worked on balancing the budget when he took office.

“Every family and small business has to live within their means,” Ducey said. “There’s no reason that our government shouldn’t do that.”

Ducey said keeping taxes low can also fuel job creation and help small business across the state.

“Often times, it’s giving someone a raise [and] it’s putting more money back into the economy,” Ducey said.

Ducey also voiced his opposition to Proposition 206, which will appear on Arizona’s ballot in November. The ballot initiative would raise the minimum wage to $10 next year, then $12 in 2020.

“[Proposition 206] actually hurts these companies and hurts innovation and hurts the people that really work hard and climb that ladder [to] take on more responsibility inside these organizations,” Ducey said.

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