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Tips for parents with kids who live by the tantrum

How do you handle a child that loves the word “no” and lives by the tantrum?

“A lot of parents, you know, they kind of feel helpless and hopeless,” said Allison Gilbert, organizer of the Triple P Program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Triple P stands for the Positive Parenting Program.

“What we really start with is a great foundation of how do we encourage good behavior out of our child,” she said.

Many parents can forget to praise their child when they are doing simple things correctly.

The program also emphasizes having a plan and building a parent’s confidence.

“A happy confident child is going to start with a happy confident parent,” Gilbert said.

“They know what they’re going to do, how they’re going to react in that situation, and that really builds confidence when you have a plan going into a situation that you know has typically been difficult for you.”

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