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Beer lovers: Arizona among top 5 states that will order beer when out with friends

(AP File Photo)

There are a lot of different tastes to the many, many beers out there, and among those tastes come different preferences for people. Some prefer a light beer, while others prefer dark. Some love an India Pale Ale, while still others prefer a wheat beer.

When it comes to Arizona though, there’s absolutely no question about one thing; it loves beer.

According to a survey, Arizona ranked fifth when it comes to beer being the preferred drink among people living in the state. Of people surveyed, 47 percent of Arizonans said they opt for beer as their drink of choice in social settings.

But when it comes to ordering a beer when out with friends, no one does it more so than Massachusetts. The survey said 51 percent of people will order a cold one — or a “bee-ah” — when socializing.

Massachusetts was followed by Missouri, Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

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