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Comedian takes on Donald Trump’s idea for border wall between Mexico, US

While there have been many decisive issues thus far in the election — deleted emails, comments about women, etc. — there is one that has risen to pop culture fame: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the border of the United States and Mexico.

Talking heads have debated it. Shirts have been made about it. “Build the wall” is a commonly-heard chant at nearly every Trump rally.

And now a rising comedian has taken on the issue.

Adam Conover is the host of “Adam Ruins Everything” on TruTV. It’s a show that basically explores issues by revealing certain facts, which can put a downer on some cool topics. Hence “Adam Ruins Everything.”

Conover’s latest video focuses on Trump’s border wall. While it is not in-depth as several of his other videos —  a two-minute run time compared to some videos as long as eight minutes — he certainly wastes no time in stirring the pot.

Just so you know, Conover is arguing against the wall, so this video is a little controversial, much like the issue itself.

His main argument against the wall is cost. He cites a CNBC story from Oct. 9, 2015 that said the border wall could cost as much as $25 billion to build.

Conover also refers to a Sept. 8, 2015 report from Politifact that said as many as 40 percent of illegal immigrants enter the U.S. via airplane, rendering the border wall useless.

We’re not taking a stance on this border wall one way or the other, but this video is worth talking about. It was posted only three days ago and was on its way to one million views as of Tuesday afternoon.

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