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Nicest photobomber ever: Tom Hanks crashes wedding photo shoot, takes selfie


Of all the roles one can imagine for Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, wedding crasher would have to be last.

But that’s exactly what he was last weekend, when his jog in Central Park led him to a wedding photo shoot.

Hanks surprised the happy couple, Elizabeth and Ryan, by strolling right up to them — in a hoodie, shorts and running shoes — and chatting up a storm.

He kissed the bride’s hand, congratulated the groom and asked if he could take a selfie with them.

Who would say no?!

Hanks also told them that he was an ordained minister and could be pressed into service if needed. He wasn’t kidding — Hanks became ordained for $35 to officiate the wedding of actress Allison Williams, a family friend, a year ago.

That could become a thing for Hanks should he ever tire of acting: Rev. Tom Hanks, available for weddings.

Besides posing with the bride and groom, Hanks also snapped selfies with two toddlers who appeared to be the flower girl and ring bearer.

He begged off the invitation to stay for the ceremony.

After the actor left, the bride announced the wedding “had peaked.”

To be fair, he would be a pretty tough act to follow.

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