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Getting noticed: Flagstaff named one of the most underrated cities in the nation

Downtown Flagstaff. (Facebook/Visit Flagstaff)

People living in Arizona know what the city of Flagstaff has to offer, and how great of a city it is. Others living around the country apparently don’t realize that.

Flagstaff was named one of the 18 most underrated cities in the country by a travel website.

Flagstaff is one of those cities you might breeze by on a trip to the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, or Petrified Forest National Forest. But it’s easy enough to work it into your perfect Southwest trip, and worth the detour off Route 66. Flagstaff is a crunchy college town home to Northern Arizona University’s main campus, with a restaurant revival catering to vegan, gluten-free, and locavore diners. (And, since it’s a college town, there’s a number of quality breweries, too.) We enjoyed the happy hour at Criollo Latin Kitchen (please try the churros) and will return for another stay at the Little America Hotel, another roadside motel-turned-boutique sanctuary with incredible hospitality.

So if you haven’t been up to Flagstaff in a while, let this be a friendly reminder not to forget about all that can be experienced there.

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