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Chinese coaches at ASU to learn about student-athlete experience

(Linda Hill/ASU Global Launch)

Ninety-six coaches from China are spending the next three months in Tempe as they learn coaching tactics and the day-to-day of student-athletes.

The coaches are with the Federation University Sport China, China’s version of the NCAA. While the coaches are in Tempe, they will learn more about the student-athlete experience, from the classroom to practice. They will also learn philosophies from ASU coaches on how to work with students and ways they can improve their coaching skills.

“They want to expand their knowledge about tactical approaches to being the best competitors that they can as leaders of their teams,” said Jean Boyd, senior associate athletic director at ASU.

During the morning, the coaches take part in lecture sessions with ASU coaches, trainers and academic support staff. In those sessions, they will learn coaching theories, skills and other aspects outside the game related to the athlete. They have already had sessions with ASU men’s basketball coach Bobby Hurley and swimming coach Bob Bowman. After lunch, they attend practice for sports like basketball, swimming and track.

“They observe the practical application of those earlier in the morning theories into coaching tactics,” Boyd said.

The coaches are also taking English lessons twice a week. Other trips they will be making include to the Grand Canyon and a Phoenix Suns game. Boyd said that ASU wants to support the Chinese in the evolution of their collegiate sports model.

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