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The 5 worst things you could do for your roof

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The basic requirements for human existence are food, clothing and shelter. One could argue that the most critical component of any shelter is the roof.

Chances are you worry each day about what you will wear or what you plan to eat. But with the onset of cooler weather, children going back to school, the start of football season, etc., you’re probably not thinking much about your roof. In fact, many people never think about the roofs on their homes or businesses, which can turn out to be unfortunate.

Roofs play a critical role in protecting people and their possessions from harsh outdoor elements. In return, instead of protecting and taking care of their roofs, many people ignore or even abuse their roofs.

Here are five of the worst things people do for their roofs:

Ignore maintenance

Well-constructed roofs don’t require much maintenance. Check them once or twice a year for obvious problems and you’re probably good. Unfortunately, many people go years without those minimal inspections. As a result, they don’t see the slipped flashing or the missing shingles until water leaks into their homes and damages walls or ceilings.

“Addressing minor problems before they escalate maximizes roof life as well as minimizes headaches and expense,” explains

Try to fix it themselves

It is interesting that people who would never try to stitch a cut or fix their car decide they should do roof repairs. In many cases, inexperienced wannabe roofers end up making the problem worse. Whether the problem is replacing a few broken tiles or finding and repairing the source of a leak, it will be better (and probably cheaper) to hire an experienced roofing professional.

Never clean rain gutters

Rain gutters are essential for moving the water from Arizona’s monsoon rainstorms away from your home. Gutters are easily clogged by leaves, twigs, dirt and debris. When that happens, instead of being funneled away from your home, water can back up under the eaves or your roof where it can damage walls, wood and even the foundation. Even in this dry climate, you can end up with rot and mold around the edges of your roof.

Ignore ventilation and insulation

Proper ventilation is a critical component of your roof’s durability. Without adequate ventilation, heat and moisture build up in the attic area. The result is rotting rafters and sheathing and buckled shingles. Insulation also loses effectiveness when subjected to moisture and heat. It’s important to check roof ventilation sources like louvers, ridge vents or soffit vents, even in winter. Proper attic ventilation and effective insulation will reduce energy consumption and enhance the comfort level of your home.

Hire an unqualified repairman

In an effort to save money, many people will allow Uncle Bob, or a neighbor, or an unlicensed handyman to repair or replace a roof. In most cases, these people lack experience, they use low-quality materials, their workmanship is shoddy and they don’t warranty their work. If a problem develops in a year or two or 10, you’ll probably be disappointed when you try to find your neighbor’s cousin’s friend who you hired to do the work because he had the lowest bid.

If it’s been years since you thought about your roof, now is probably a good time to mend your ways. Your roof has been protecting you, now it’s time for you to schedule a free roof inspection from a licensed, experienced roofing expert.


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