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Start planning for the total solar eclipse in 2017

One of the most amazing sights in astronomy is a total solar eclipse!

Have you ever seen one?

Probably not; as they are quite rare and you need to be in an exact location at an exact time. Lucky for you, the time is coming. Mark the date, August 21, 2017.

To see it, you’ll need to be in the shadow of the moon, which is only some 90 miles wide and moves from the West Coast of Oregon, to the shores of South Carolina; with many states in the middle.

A total solar eclipse, is one in which the moon will cover 100 percent of the sun, for a short period of time ( two minutes and 40 seconds). Those lucky observers will be in Illinois.

Every one alive needs to at least see this once in their life as day turns to near nighttime darkness, as you seem to be in a supernatural world.

I have provided some links, to help you explore the exact time and location, that you need to be in, as well as some tips on how to protect your eyes, before and after totality.

Stay tuned for some exciting new from Dr.Sky Inc.; on our ideas for a special eclipse expedition, to see this historic event!

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