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Read the 911 transcript from woman fatally shot in chase on Phoenix freeway

PHOENIX — A woman who was fatally shot on a Phoenix freeway made nervous pleas for help to a 911 operator as she was chased by three men in a pickup truck.

Dinya Farmer, 49, died nearly two weeks ago after being attacked on State Route 51. Farmer was shot, crashed into a freeway median and was taken to a local hospital in critical condition where she later died.

Farmer was shot while on the phone with 911.

The transcript, released Monday, shows Farmer nervously asking 911 operators what to do and said the men allegedly following her were right next to her before she stopped responding to the operator. Farmer had said the men who followed her attempted to approach her earlier in the day and operators were able to hear gunshots.

The full transcript can be read here. (WARNING: TRANSCRIPT MAY CONTAIN DISTURBING LANGUAGE).

There have been no arrests made in connection to the shooting and police are still attempting to figure out the direct motive behind the attack, but don’t believe it to be just random violence or due to a traffic dispute.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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