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Jeb Bush, others help Jimmy Kimmel reach the Emmy Awards

Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush apparently isn’t afraid to throw some self-deprecating jabs at himself in the name of entertainment.

The former Florida governor appeared in a skit for the 2016 Emmy Awards along with the ceremony’s host, Jimmy Kimmel.

In a video of Kimmel’s attempt to reach the award show, he hops into a limo when he discovers that Bush is “in between jobs” as a driver.

“You know you can make 12 dollars an hour driving Uber?” Bush says.

“Are you nominated? Wow, what’s that like?” he asks Kimmel. “You think you can win? Here’s what I know: if you run a positive campaign, the voters ultimately will make the right choice.”

Bush then kicks Kimmel out of his car before exclaiming “Jeb, exclamation point!” and burning rubber.

Kimmel’s trip to reach the Emmys also included a white Ford Bronco and a dragon from Game of Thrones, among other forms of transportation.

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