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Extremely tight CD5 recount should be complete Friday

State Senate President Andy Biggs and former internet executive Christine Jones are in a tight race for Arizona's 5th Congressional District. (AP Photos)

The results of the Arizona’s fifth congressional district recount are expected Friday. Is this yet another problem election for Arizona?

“We certainly hope not, that’s what the whole point of a recount is,” said Arizona Secretary Of State Michelle Reagan.

“The statute says if it’s within a certain margin or it’s this close, then a recount is called for,” she said.

The votes are all recounted on different machines.

“Also there’s a hand count that goes on after that of a certain percentage of just selected precincts, so this is the process,” she said.

Currently state senate president Andy Biggs is up 16 votes over former Go Daddy executive Christine Jones.

“We hope that all the numbers tally up just fine, because if it doesn’t match and there’s any difference,” she said.

“Then we’re getting a little nervous because we’re reaching ballot printing deadline.”

The winner is heavily favored to win the seat in November election.

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