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Arizona coalition meets goal of 75,000 new voters, looking to add more

Back in January, the coalition One Arizona began planning and preparing for their Viva the Vote campaign with a set goal in mind of 75,000 new Latino voters by the election in November.

After beginning the campaign in mid-August, the campaign has already reached it’s goal in mid-September.

They aren’t done yet, though.

The campaign will announce Friday night they will set a new goal of 120,000 after reaching their original goal.

The One Arizona coalition’s communications director Pita Juarez told KTAR the coalition will have a celebration Friday night for all the people putting in the hard work and to finish strong into November.

“This movement is run and led by a lot of young people, a lot of people of color, and we really just want to celebrate them and motivate them on Friday to keep going,” Juarez said.

The precedent the coalition sets by its young leadership is worth noting.

“This is really historic because some of the people who are registering people to vote, back then, it was maybe not a priority and now we see our young leaders leading the way,” Juarez said.

KTAR’s Ashley Flood contributed to this report.